Who doesn’t love poetry?

I had been reading snippets of Yrsa’s poetry all over Instagram for years, seen her being quoted on various social media platforms and saving pins for later. And I fell in love with her words. Late last year I bought this book and I definitely don’t regret it.

Yrsa explores a whole lot of topics in her poetry, from being a black woman to depression, loss and of course, love… especially falling into it. The poetry is so raw, the words have forever been etched into my heart. Her poetry breeds so much life and its almost as if she wants you to have a vivid image of her thoughts in your mind. And that’s all there is to say. Simply brilliant.

FAVOURITE POEM FROM ‘BONE’: (I couldn’t pick just one, so chose 3)

“Do the feelings ever leave? Or do you just learn to wrap them up into something to wear?”

“See, nobody warns you about yourself.
The red in your eye.
The trap in your mouth.

The person who hurts you the most in the end will
be you.
Almost every time, you.

You’d better learn to forgive yourself.
Forgive yourself instantly.
It’s a skill you’re going to need until you die.”

“If you
were married to yourself
could you stay with yourself?

My house
would be frightening and wild.”

I have noted some of her other collections and will buy them soon. I want all her poetry on my bookshelf.

I rate this piece a full 5/5 stars. I absolutely recommend it, especially if you like poetry that drags you a little bit.

Have you read ‘Bone’ or anything by Yrsa Daley-Ward? Let me know. xx

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